Friday, February 1, 2013

Digital History in the Classroom

Many thanks to Ed for the invitation to join this outstanding blog.  Ed asked me to contribute after I shared with him my experiment in digital history pedagogy.  This semester, I am teaching a small seminar for Rice University freshman on the Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery.  While this course is not a survey, and at only six students it hardly mirrors the experience of most large surveys, I hope it might nonetheless offer an interesting opportunity to reflect on the opportunities and problems with bringing digital history into the classroom.  I am running the course out of a WordPress blog you can access at  

I will be sharing my experience over the next few months, but before I begin, I want to circle back to some of my favorite TUSH posts on digital history, and invite you to share links to other helpful considerations of digital history pedagogy.  

Just a few months ago, Nina McCune reflected on Dipity, Posterus, and Prezi.  

Tona Hangen shared her experience with a "design-forward syllabus" and using WordPress as a course website.      

Gale Kenny explained her process in using a class blog and shared her results.  I wonder if we can get an update from Gale on whether she has continued with the blog assignment?  [fire up the Gale Kenny bat signal]  

Stay tuned for more of my (mis)adventures with digital history in the classroom.  

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